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   by Barry Cavin

A Fimed Theatrical



We live in a noisy world: the chatter of 24 hour news, the buzz of social media, the drone of the internet machine. And yet, on other quantum planes, unheard messages travel, become animated hypergraphia, ghost talk transmittals. Some of us are senders. Some of us are receivers. And in the hands of filmmaker Barry Cavin, we see how our daily chatter binds us and how these other transmissions bring us to beauty, terror, and ourselves.


Our story takes place, in part, at the historic Langford-Kingston Home.

In the spirit of our 2020 production of Ori, we have created a "filmed theatrical," free and available to all.

This performance is sponsored in part by a grant from the City of Fort Myers.

Written & Directed by Barry Cavin

Peyton McManus as Sender

Jim Brock as Receiver

Adrianna Martinez as Co-worker

Special Thanks to Laura Pegler and the staff of the Uncommon Friends Foundation


Langford-Kingston Home

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