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Collaborations & Gratitude

The theatrical arts are inherently a collaborative activity, and that's even moreso the case when you happen to live in a vibrant theatre community as we do in little, old Fort Myers. This is especially important for Ghostbird Theatre Company, as we not only have to form partnerships with businesses, governmental agencies, and nonprofits for our venues, but we often have to rely on the kindness of not-so-strangers to provide us digs for rehearsal space.

For our upcoming production of "Boxes Are For What We Keep," we have had the good fortune of assistance for our rehearsal space through the Alliance of the Arts, and we sincerely thank Lydia Black and Brandi Couse for availing their facilities to us. Yes, we do pay rental for this space (they can't give it away for free), but they have been accommodating in providing generous blocks of time. In addition, we received additional rehearsal space and costume assistance through our friends at the Laboratory Theater of Florida, and we thank Annette Trossbach and Terry Tincher for their generous help.

We routinely receive additional support from our friends at Theatre Conspiracy and Florida Repertory Theatre, whether it's a piece of furniture or a cane fishing pole. Of course, we are ever-thankful for our venue hosts this season: the Happehatchee Center, the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, and the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center. We simply could not practice and present our art without their collaboration, assistance, guidance, and generosity.

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