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New Faces

With each production, we are on the constant lookout for new flockmates to play with us.

This time around, for "Boxes Are For What We Keep," we welcome Fort Myers impresario Terry Tincher as a member of our cast. Whether it was founding Space 39, what was the coolest art bar in downtown Fort Myers, helping to establish Art Walk, serving as THE art consultant to consult, or joining Laboratory Theater of Florida as their production manager, Terry has been one of the most important cultural dynamos in our community. Somehow, we have been able to sweet talk him to perform with us, and we have been graced by his kindness, good humor, and dedication.

And we are pretty sure we are the only theatre company in the United States to have an actor who is a nationally-recognized expert in virology: Dr. Scott Michael, Professor of Biological Sciences at Florida Gulf Coast University. He can answer your questions about certain Wolbachia strains and how that once populated in mosquito cells, they can inhibit, even block, the replication of Zika virus, which can disrupt the transmission of this disease. Oh, and don't get him started talking about Dengue Fever! But as we have known, Scott has been a long-time patron of the arts--his son is attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago--and in an earlier life, he had graced the stage in high school and college.

We are also delighted that we have in our cast Gabrielle Lansden, an FGCU Theatre major, and Daniel De La Rosa, who performed in the original "Wooden Mouth" almost 10 years ago at Florida Gulf Coast University--that production served as the inspiration for us to start a theatre company.

Of course, the cast is completed by company members Jim Brock, Katelyn Gravel, and Stella Ruiz, and we are again using the shadow-puppetry creations of Caitlin Rosolen-DeJesus. Come see our friends, old and new, in our original production of "Boxes Are For What We Keep" by Barry Cavin, this November at the Happehatchee Center in Estero.

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