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Our First Production, Mud by Irene Maria Fornés

Directed by Brittney Brady

Featuring Katelyn Gravel, Armando Rivera, Jim Brock, & Phil Heubeck

The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, May 2012


Ghostbird Theatre Company is the only theatre company in the American South fully dedicated to mounting site-specific performances.  We write new works or select classic plays with our host venue in mind, designing the play in concert with the venue, its history, its aesthetics, and its mission. Our shows are very intimate, often immersive, and we try to bring in a full, beautiful experience for our audience: whether its in shadow play, original music and songs, puppetry, cabaret, or dance.


Our runs are short and illusive, but you will find our shows precious and memorable: Rare Sightings.

Ghostbird Theatre Company’s namesake is the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, a cypress-swamp native thought to be extinct, but has been sporadically spotted over the last two decades. The mystery, the elusiveness, the magic, and the legend of this totemic bird inspire us. Ghostbird Theatre Company is dedicated to producing new and magical performances. With you the audience, we seek those deeper spiritual woods, where there may be beauty, loss, communion, reconciliation, and hope, all in a flash of wing and feather, or rooted in the dark and fecund earth. 


Ghostbird Theatre Company's mission is to engage, inspire, and educate our community by producing site-inspired and immersive works that move audiences toward a poetic sense of the world. 


Our goal is to create a theatre of images and sounds, theatre that is beautiful, provocative and a little bit magical.



Our Founding Commitments


  • To develop new and experimental works and honor old works that have inspired us to be bold and compassionate and imaginative;

  • To support and nurture an ensemble of theatre artists who are devoted to collaboration and interdisciplinarity;

  • To sustain our community through educational and creative engagement.


Founded in May 2012 by Brittney Brady, Philip Heubeck, Katelyn Gravel and Jim Brock, Ghostbird Theatre Company is dedicated to supporting interdisciplinary artists.  We have the best flockmates.

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