Production still from Too Many Words, credit Dan Brown.jpg

Too Many Words

   by Barry Cavin

Production Photo by Dan Brown

John Newton was a rogue sailor sold into slavery on the West Coast of Africa. He escaped on a ship that broke apart at sea and promised God that he would preach if he was saved from the cold ocean. Once delivered from that peril, Newton became a preacher and a slave ship captain. Eventually he became an abolitionist and settled into a pastorate. William Cowper was a poet and friend of Newton's. They wrote many hymns together. Newton is know for "Amazing Grace" and Cowper is know for "God Works in a Mysterious Way." Cowper went to church daily to hear his friend's sermon. All the while completely convinced he was doomed to suffer in Hell for eternity. This film is not about those two men.


Our story takes place at the busy intersection of the Estero River and Highway 41 in Southwest Florida.

In the spirit of our 2020 production of Ori, we have created a "filmed theatrical," free and available to all.

This performance is sponsored in part by grants from the Florida Division of Arts and Culture, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau, and the City of Fort Myers.

Written & Directed by Barry Cavin

Tatum Bates as Puss

Brian Ballance as John Newton

Makayla Davis as Al Ana

Alanna Dachille as Tiney

David Monagas as William Cowper

Adrianna Martinez as "Mary Unwin"

Peyton McManus as "Mary Newton"

Tech Assistant/Sound: Stella Ruiz

Drone Work: Emory Cavin

Special Thanks to Michael Duey and the staff of the Koreshan State Park


Koreshan State Park